Site Evaluators, download Enviro-Septic® HHE 200 forms here.

Enviro-Septic® HHE 200 forms in PDF format [2485kb Zip File]
Enviro-Septic® HHE 200 forms in AutoCAD format [427kb Zip File]

AutoCAD Templates:

For the most current Maine CAD DWG files, visit the Infiltrator Water Technologies site here:  Presby Environmental’s Manuals and Downloads page and click on map and select Maine in the drop down to download or view information pertaining to the State of Maine.

If you would like to take the online certification training and test for EnviroSeptic®  please visit the link below:

(A high speed internet connection is required for online classes. If you don’t have access to high speed, contact us and we’ll send you a DVD.) 

Currently online training classes can be accessed here for the new AeroFin or Enviro-Septic®  products:

Maine – AeroFin online training and certification

Maine – Advanced or Regular Enviro-Septic online training and certification


Enviro-Septic® Design Template

Enviro Septic© Design Template

Template Manual

Designer Template Manual – Click Here to view, save or print the manual

Selling Online

Septic Systems of Maine now sells the Presby Spec-Check® and vent covers online. The Presby Spec-Check® is a portable, hand-operated device used for sorting/grading a sample of aggregate, sand or other particulate material in order to determine whether a sample meets a specification for an intended use. We also offer a variety of stylish vent covers that your customers may be interested in. We offer discounted pricing to our dealers and installers wishing to place a single order purchase of 4 or more. Call today to learn more!