Why Denitrify Leachate:

Leaching systems that work well, grow an abundance of aerobic bacteria (bacteria requiring oxygen) that eventually convert into Nitrates. Nitrates in large concentrations are potentially harmful to the environment. For example, if allowed to enter bodies of water, nitrates can cause oxygen depletion killing marine animals and encouraging the growth of undesirable anaerobic algae. Typically, leaching systems rely upon dilution to weaken high nitrate concentrations.

The De-Nyte® System:

Presby Environmental has developed its own, patent pending denitrification product designed specifically for Enviro-Septic® and Advanced Enviro-Septic® systems. It is a passive, low cost, in-ground system requiring no maintenance or monitoring for a projected period of twenty years. The De-Nyte® system consists of a field of interconnected plastic De-Nyte® cells placed in a vented field situated directly beneath an Enviro-Septic® or Advanced Enviro-Septic® wastewater treatment system. De-Nyte® is now approved for use currently in New Hampshire and Maine. In New Hampshire the De-Nyte® system has been granted a 75% reduction in nitrogen setbacks on existing sites. New sites incorporating the De-Nyte® system will be approved by the NHDES on a site by site basis. For a trial period all designers and installers incorporating De-Nyte® systems into their sites will work directly with a Presby Environmental staff member. Please contact us at 207-782-1620 for more information.


De-Nyte® has been third-party tested by DBO Expert, Inc. and Environment E.S.A., Inc. of Canada. The results are better than anticipated. The Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center has begun to test the De-Nyte®. We will post test information as it becomes available.

Other Products:

While there are products on the market that denitrify leachate, these products are costly, often huge and unsightly, complex to operate, and require constant maintenance and supervision. Many of these denitrification systems are designed to treat industrial strength leachate or to handle large volumes of wastewater such as those generated in municipal sewage treatment plants.

How De-Nyte® Works:

An array of De-Nyte® cells is placed 6-12″ below an Advanced Enviro-Septic® or Enviro-Septic® leaching system. De-Nyte® cells capture and treat nitrified leachate using a carbon source. Nitrates are converted into harmless nitrogen gas and released back into our atmosphere.