Spec-Check® was developed by Presby Environmental and is a portable, hand-operated device used for sorting/grading a sample of aggregate, sand or other particulate material in order to determine whether a sample meets a specification for an intended use. Unlike a lab analysis, the Spec-Check® does not need the sample to be oven-dried to remove all its moisture content. The device is small and easy to operate, making onsite examination of materials a quick and cost-effective alternative to expensive and time-consuming sieve analyses by a laboratory. A Spec-Check® analysis gives a “go / no-go” indication in order to assist the user in determining whether the material can be used for a particular purpose, if a full sieve analysis is required, or if an alternative supply of aggregate is needed.


How does Spec-Check® work?

Spec-Check® consists of an integrated system of screens of various sizes contained inside a transparent container. A sand sample is applied along with a small amount of water; after the device is agitated for a few minutes, the sample will be sorted based on the particle sizes of its content. Spec-Check® enables the user to evaluate the sand quickly, onsite and before construction proceeds in order to determine whether the supplied material meets specs.

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Please click on the following link for the current Spec-Check® user manual.
Spec-Check™ Manual (April 2012)