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  • Solar Light Septic Vent Cover – *NEW Dual Mode

    Solar powered lights to disguise and decorate your high or low septic vent.

    Price: $109.95 Buy Now

  • Optional Matching Spray Paint

    Spray paint your exposed PVC post with the exact color to match the solar light.

    Price: $10.00  Buy Now

  • septic vent birdhouse pipe cover

    Septic Vent Cover Bird Houses

    Handcrafted wooden bird houses to disguise and decorate your high or low septic vent.

    Starting at: $109.95 Buy Now

  • Granite Post Vent Covers

    Get the look of natural stone without the heavy weight. Resists chipping and fading over the years.

    Price: $340.00 Buy Now

  • Dirty Bird Septic Vent Cover

    Disguise septic vent pipes with a beautiful, durable birdbath with a realistic premium stone finish.

    Price: $325.00 Buy Now

  • Dirty Bird Charcoal Filter

    The charcoal filter works with the Dirty Bird septic vent cover to control odors.

    Price: $40.00 Buy Now

Septic Systems of Maine also sells the Presby Spec-Check®, a portable, hand-operated device used for sorting/grading a sample of aggregate, sand or other particulate material in order to determine whether a sample meets a specification for an intended use.