OrnaVent™ Birdhouse

birdhouses-OrnaventOrnaVent™ is our new vent disguise with the purpose of decorating the high or low vent on Advanced Enviro-Septic®, Enviro-Septic®, Simple Septic®, and EnviroFin™ Septic Systems.

Birdhouses are handcrafted home decor and gifts made in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

OrnaVent™ Birdhouse is available in two different styles, Simple and Woodburn. Also, It is designed to fit with Sch. 40, and Sch 35 connecting pipe.

Style: Simple or Woodburn

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  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18L X 8W X 8D
  • 2 Styles Available: Simple or Woodburn

Installation is Simple:

  1. Read the Install Guide and get the necessary tools for installation.
  2. Clean the PVC pipe.
  3. The top holes of the OrnaVent should be above snow level. (Measure the PVC pipe to 30″ for New England.)
  4. Cut the PVC pipe with a saw. Be sure to keep the vent stable.
  5. Spray PVC paint on the PVC pipe.
  6. Put the OrnaVent septic disguise on the PVC pipe.


Venting has been demonstrated to improve the functioning of the system and enhance its life-span.

Ongoing research proves that any onsite septic system will work better and last longer if it has a sufficient oxygen supply. For this reason, PEI is now recommending venting on all Advanced Enviro-Septic™ (AES) and Enviro-Septic® Systems. Given the minimal cost and effort it takes to add a vent to either a new or existing system, the benefits far outweigh any perceived detriments.

In most applications, the house roof vent will serve as the “high vent” and a “low vent” is installed at the far end of the treatment bed. Similar to a chimney, as light wind moves across the high vent opening, air is drawn in through the low vent, up through the system and out of the high vent. The low vent can be disguised or demoted, minimizing visual impact.