Need a Site Evaluator/Designer or Installer!

Septic System of Maine maintains a list of Site Evaluators and Installers who are fully trained and are familiar with the design and installation of our latest septic products including the AeroFin or Enviro-Septic Systems.

To request a list of Septic Systems of Maine site evaluators or installers in your area click here or call us at 207-782-1620.

Are You on Our List of Referrals???

Septic Systems of Maine regularly receives calls from homeowners looking for a site evaluator or installer who is familiar with the products offered. We maintain lists of site evaluators and installers who have attended in-depth training courses and certification classes and directs the homeowners to these certified individuals.

If you have taken one of our classes and received your certifications you will be included on the referral list unless you prefer not to receive referrals. If you have designed or installed one of the products offered by SSoM, but have not attended one of our certification classes, please contact us at 207-782-1620. Or you may go online to watch the certification class videos for the specific product you want to be certified in and take the online test to become certified.