EcoFilter Pump Vault
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Effluent Pumping Systems – Introducing ECO FILTER

Delta Treatment Systems developed the ECO FILTER in answer to environmental concerns and the
growing number of S.T.E.P. Collection wastewater systems. S.T.E.P. Collection systems transport
effluent from individual septic tanks through a piping system to either a dispersal or wastewater
treatment system. Delta Treatment Systems has years of wastewater treatment experience and
extensive use of subsurface drip disposal technology.

Easy Access and Maintainance

The ECO FILTER by Delta Treatment Systems has been designed to allow easy access through a 24″
opening for service and maintenance. This design gives the service provider the ability to pull and
clean the filters without the time-consuming removal of the pump. In addition to saving time and
money, the unit has an innovative float system that is easy to remove with a positive locking
mechanism. All this makes ECO FILTER the ideal solution for
effluent pumping applications.

Click the PDF files to view or download detailed information:
K4380 – Effluent Pumping Systems – ECO FILTER (PDF)

K4380 – EcoFilterPumpVault (PDF)

K4561 Ecofilter specs (PDF)