What Is It?
The Enviro-Septic® is an innovative leaching system for residential and commercial use. It is a product designed, tested, and manufactured by Presby Environmental, Inc. of Whitefield, New Hampshire.

The system consists of a series of uniquely designed, perforated corrugated plastic pipes, each surrounded by a layer of random plastic fibers in turn covered by a geo-textile fabric.

Enviro-Septic® has been approved in many states in the Northeast and Presby Environmental, Inc., is moving steadily toward making its systems available throughout all of North America.

How Does It Work?

The Enviro-Septic® system functions in a series of six stages.

Stage 1. Each Enviro-Septic® pipe functions as an underground radiator naturally cooling warm septic tank effluent. Cooling allows suspended solids to separate from the effluent. Buoyant solids (scum) float and dense solids (sludge) sink inside the pipe.

Stage 2. The effluent flows out through the perforations into the mat of coarse, random fibers. The fibers work like a screen separating solids from the effluent and providing a large bacterial surface that is subjected to wetting and drying action as system loading fluctuates. This action stimulates bacterial growth and increases the breakdown of solids.

Stage 3. The effluent contacts the geo-textile fabric where a bacterial mat forms on the inner surface of the fabric.

Stage 4. Capillary action causes the fabric and sand to act like a wick, drawing liquid completely around the circumference of the pipe.

Stage 5. The surrounding sand further treats the effluent.

Stage 6. The original soil continues to treat the percolating effluent.

What Does It Look Like?

Sample Pipe numberedEnviro-Septic leaching system is comprised of three components.

  1. A special non-woven geo-textile plastic fabric surrounding a mat of fibers and stitched in place.
  2. A thick mat of randomly oriented, plastic fibers surrounding the pipe.
  3. A corrugated, perforated, high-density plastic pipe with a series of unique ridges on the peak of each corrugation.

ES System PartsEach unit of Enviro-Septic® pipe is 10 feet long, has an outside diameter of 12 inches, and is clearly marked with the product’s name.

Snap-lock couplings, offset adapters, and end caps are used for the connections.

How Do The Parts Fit Together?

Specially designed couplings wrap around the pipe ends and snap together without wire ties. Making the connections between pipes as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
ES Pipes Snap Together 1ES Pipes Snap Together 2ES Pipes Snap Together 3

Configurations Are Unlimited!

ES Install 1Enviro-Septic® is an innovative leaching system for residential and commercial septic system applications. Enviro-Septic® can be used in a variety of configurations and requires a smaller area in comparison to conventional septic systems.

ES Sloping SystemEnviro-Septic® is easily installed on slopes, eliminating the need for septic mounds.

Designers find the Enviro-Septic® system very flexible and well suited for difficult sites. A  length of Enviro-Septic® pipe can be bent to 180 degrees allowing a system to be designed in a variety of unusual shapes such as curved, trapezoidal, L, S, or U-shaped.

Multi-level septic systemA multi-level system can meet the challenges of any site. Go to our multi-level leaching system page to learn more about these systems.

Effluent Volume & Strength Not A Problem!

The very nature of the versatility of Enviro-Septic® systems makes the size of the project incidental.

Advantage Over Conventional Systems

Compared to conventional systems the Enviro-Septic® system is:

  • more efficient
  • longer lasting
  • more quickly installed
  • less costly
  • better suited for difficult sites
  • smaller in area
  • more environmentally friendly

Independent testing by the University of New Hampshire and by DBO Expert, Inc. of Magog, Canada, comparing Enviro-Septic® systems with pipe and stone systems, proved conclusively that Enviro-Septic®: allows, in steady state, several times the amount of effluent to pass through its biomat surface than pipe and stone.

  • disperses leachate more evenly than pipe and stone.
  • distributes cleaner leachate while allowing a smaller system footprint than pipe and stone.
  • reduces many leachate contaminates to concentrations significantly lower than pipe and stone.

To view the complete test data results, UNH Data Research Report (click report to view PDF).

Advantage to the Environment

Recylable PlasticThe manufacturing plant in Whitefield, NH, uses recycled plastics to manufacture the Enviro-Septic® Leaching System