The ECOPOD-D submerged fixed film system is a continuation of Delta Treatment Systems’ tradition of combining simplicity and technological excellence to create innovation. The ECOPOD-D is a fixed bed bio-reactor (FBBR), designed to significantly reduce nutrients, BOD and TSS utilizing microbiology present in the wastewater.

Why Use ECOPOD-D® Commercial FBBR?

  •  Effluent quality of less than 10 mg/L BOD/TSS typical domestic waste water
  •  Designed with the same technology as our NSF/ANSI 40 & 245 approved unit
  •  Simply designed and self-contained
  •  Easy to operate and maintain
  •  No inner tank screens, diffusers or moving parts to service
  •  Low sludge production – reduces sludge removal costs
  •  No mixed liquor suspended solids; eliminates possible washouts
  •  Suitable for seasonal or intermittent use
  •  Integral clarifier – no external clarifier required
  •  Low operating and maintenance cost
  •  No return activated sludge pump
  •  Design and engineering assistance available

Click the PDF brochure below to view, or download, more information :
DELTA_Commercial_ECOPOD Brochure