Plastic Septic Tanks from Infiltrator Water Industries

Infiltrator IM-1060 Plastic Septic Tank

The strength and versatility of Infiltrator plastic septic tanks enable a wide-range of installation possibilities, including shallow installations and multiple and serial tank configurations. The IM-Series’ lightweight construction allows for easy storage and delivery, and offers the quickest installation in the on-site septic tank system industry. The portability of an Infiltrator plastic tank is ideal for island installations, camps or hard to reach spots that equipment could not maneuver in.  Contractors and installers can install this tank on their schedule instead of waiting for a large boom truck.

A revolutionary improvement in plastic tank design, offering exceptional strength comparable to concrete tanks. Suitable for use as septic tanks, pump/trash tanks, or rainwater (non-potable) storage/harvesting tanks.

The IM-1060 is an injection molded two piece mid-seam
plastic tank. The IM-1060 injection molded plastic design allows for a mid-seam joint that has precise dimensions for accepting an engineered EPDM gasket. Infiltrator’s
gasket design utilizes technology from the water industry to deliver proven means of maintaining a watertight seal.
The two-piece design is permanently fastened using a series of non-corrosive plastic alignment dowels and locking seam clips.

Septic Systems of Maine is a certified Infiltrator distributor for the State of Maine.

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IM-1060 (1000 GAL) 

IM-1530 (1500 GAL)

IM-540 (500 GAL)


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